Killer whale
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Phone US: 503-367-6017

Phone MX: 322-149-2736

Roof top studio in Sayulita

Front porch studio on San Juan Island


All of my designs are made by hand, by me.  I use a mix of Sterling silver, 14K gold filled wire, brass and beadwork. Right now I really love working with crystals and mixing metals.  These are all my origional creations, not for imitation.  
Thank you!


I love to make stuff and things. Mostly jewelry. For about ten years I have been making pieces that I would wear, that my friends would wear, and that are inspired by my gipsy life.  I migrate every year from San Juan Island in Washington State to Sayulita, Mexico. Always setting up my outdoor home studio wherever I am.  When I am not making jewelry, I am a killer whale biologist working to conserve the endangered population of killer whales in Washington and British Columbia, known as the Southern Residents. Two lives, two jobs, two beutiful things .  .  .  .  .
To see the other side of my life click here: Center for Whale Research.