Betina Roza jewelry is an every day reminder to have courage and to be yourself.
Be brave. Be you.

You are different, and that's a good thing. Makes sense that you want the jewelry you wear everyday to be different too. 

Betina Roza Jewelry is not only different, it's 100% handcrafted in small batches, meaning that no two pieces are ever the same. Each one a unique creation, like you.


Every piece is made to last, made to be worn, made to be loved and most importantly,

made just for you.

my Story...

I never thought I would grow up to be a jewelry designer....


Until recently, I was a marine biologist. It’s not a joke, I really was! Although I planned my whole life around being a scientist, I couldn’t ignore that the one thing that really made me happy was to make things. It was like this creative person inside me had been forgotten on sidelines and was growing more insistent for a chance to get in the game.


The more jewelry I made the more I came to realize that I wanted to create something different than what I was seeing everywhere. I wanted to make jewelry that my friends and I would wear. Jewelry that was both timeless and fresh. Well-made jewelry with quality materials but not cost prohibitive. Jewelry that’s a little bit beachy, a little bit boho, but also elevated, clean and effortless. A collection of pieces that are casual enough to wear on the beach in Mexico but elegant enough for a cocktail party (do people still have those??).  

Jewelry that is fancy but not polished, light and fluid, for woman who are more than just one thing. 


Basically, I just want you to have really cool jewelry that makes you feel just like you want to feel and that you will wear for a long, long time.  That’s why I strive to create pieces that are timeless and well made, not trendy or disposable: that are going to stick with you through all the changes, and all the beautiful versions of you. 


Everything you see here is handmade by me. I use the best raw materials I can find, and test every design to be sure that it is both wearable and durable. I believe so much in my process that I guarantee my pieces. If anything breaks or gets damaged, I will fix it. All you need to do is join the insiders club, and your jewelry is cared for life. How awesome is that?!?

my dream...

is to inspire and encourage you to know yourself and to connect with your own creative nature.

Maybe you feel that part has been lost or overshadowed by life’s demands? As women, we often sacrifice ourselves for our families, jobs, and all the expectations both external and internal. 

I invite you to find the things that make you feel most like you, like your favorite version of yourself.

And I want you to know that it is possible to change directions at any moment.

Erin Heydenreich

Owner and Designer

Betina Roza Jewelry

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Erin Heydenreich

Owner and Designer

Betina Roza Jewelry


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You're still here!?!
Ok fine, here is the good stuff.....
I'm an only child, and contrary to popular belief, I have NEVER been board or lonely for a even moment in my life. 
I live part time in Sayulita, Mexico.... y pues creo que soy casi Mexicana
I love astrology and am probably reading an astrology book this very second!
I am obsessed with vintage, depression-era pink elephant planters.
My alter ego is a busty lounge singer....
AND.... If you asked me what my favorite movie is I would say Goonies for sure, but also the Wizard of OZ. They are both favorites. Goonies is just a little more "Favorite".