What's this about free jewelry repairs?

Betina Roza Insiders get free repairs on all Betina Roza Jewelry for life!

Yes, that's what I said. For Life.

What that means is if a chain or a clasp or a connection breaks, you send me the pieces and I will fix it and send it back to you for free. 







I have been told that this is overly generous, and not at all advisable, but I would rather have you wearing your jewelry than not.


I would rather it be out there in the world living it's life than relegated to the bottom of a drawer. That said, in return, I expect some mutual generosity.

If you accidentally put your necklace in the garbage disposal, or ran over your earrings with your car, I hope that you will tell me. It doesn't necessarily mean I won't fix it, but I do appreciate honesty.

So here's whats included:

  • Broken chains from faulty connections or reasonable wear and tear. 

  • Broken or failed clasps.

  • Broken connections, jump rings, ear wires, etc.

  • Resetting of stones that have come loose.

  • Broken or loose beads.

Here is what is not included:

  • Broken chains from children pulling with all their strength.

  • Any piece eaten by dogs, children or garbage disposals.

  • Stones. If your stone breaks from dropping or impact, please let me know! I can most likely fix it, but will have to charge you for a replacement stone.

  • Pieces you have had for a long time but have treated poorly.
    Again, don't put them in a drawer, but don't expect a brand new piece for free.
    I am super reasonable. Try me :)

Have a piece that need attention? Send it to me at:

Betina Roza

PO BOX 3356

Friday Harbor, WA



Please package your injured jewelry with extra special care!

Have a question about some jewelry that needs attention? 

Email me:


or call me:



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