FIVE - Your lesson in this life is to experience the value of freedom. Your keywordis freedom. Five is the number of change and adventure. Your goal is to search for new experiences and knowledge. Restriction, limitation and monotony can crush your enthusiasm. Others may see you as unusual and unpredictable, but also bright and attractive. You want to be free to be yourself above all else and to make your own decisions. You are an adventurer. Your mission is to life and let go of fears or insecurities that may be holding you back. When you are in alignment with your inner five you are free, adventurous, fearless, resilient, an agent of change, flexible, and fun. When you are out of alignment you may be Indulgent, excessive, restless, emotional, addicted OR fearful, dependent, depressed, stagnant, procrastinator, erratic, and easily overwhelmed. You are at your best when you can tap into your fearless sense of adventure. Use your versatile nature to experience the tactile world in a focused and dynamic way. Fives are all about freedom, but they also tend toward excess, so use your interests to develop your inner power. You thrive on adventure and experience, so give yourself permission to be free before you settle down. Your life is all about change and choices and experience, all of which are valuable to you even mistakes. Stay focused in the present and keep moving forward.

  • Life Path Number

    Your Life Path Number is based on your birthday. To calculate your Life path number, add up all the numbers in your birthday and reduce to a single diget. For example, if your birthday is May 23, 1978, you would add the following numbers: 5+2+3+1+9+7+8=35, 3+5=8. Eight is your life path number.