FOUR - Your lesson in this life is to build a solid foundation on which you can base your life. Your keywords are construction and form. Four is the number of security, stability and order. Your goal is to be dependable, punctual and efficient, as well as to be down to earth and practical. Others may see you as the one to call to get things done. People count on you for being are honest, hard-working, and detail oriented. It’s not all about work though, so remember to schedule some free time into your organized life. You are here todevelop, security, stability, and work hard to meet your goals. You are learning about the foundations of life. When you are in alignment with your inner four you are dependable, stable, productive, conservative, loyal, trustworthy, and hardworking. When you are out of alignment you may be rigid, bossy, blunt, or unorganized, careless, distracted, idle, and irresponsible. You will feel most successful when you find a path that you truly love and not succumb to what is only practical and purely responsible. You thrive on routine, and your system building skills. You are a doer and a builder. Although you are a person of form, allow yourself some leeway and remember that flexibility and resilience are as important to strength as sturdiness.

  • Life Path Number

    Your Life Path Number is based on your birthday. To calculate your Life path number, add up all the numbers in your birthday and reduce to a single diget. For example, if your birthday is May 23, 1978, you would add the following numbers: 5+2+3+1+9+7+8=35, 3+5=8. Eight is your life path number. Click here to read more!