ONE- Your lesson in this life is to be original, creative, and innovative. Your key word is courage, and your goal is to find new paths to self-expression. You are a pioneer. You work best alone, and are usually efficient and well-organized. Others will see you as a unique individual, maybe even a loner. People will often look to you to be the leader and to take charge of any situation. Your job is to act on your creative ideas and to believe in YOURSELF. You are here to master innovative creativity, develop confidence, independence and originality. When you are in alignment with your inner One, you are innovative, energetic, original, determined, inspired, courageous and an original thinker and/or leader. When you are out of alignment you may be narcissistic, self-important, domineering, intolerant or insecure, helpless, victimized, or lacking self-esteem. Your will feel most successful when you take risks and trust in your own uniqueness. Believe in yourself and your ideas, only you know what is best for you.

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    Solid brass pendant on a 23" Sterling silver chain.