THREE - Your lesson in this life is to express and manifest your creativity, and to see the results of your work. Your keywords are joy and creativity. Your goal is to express yourself. Others will see you as charismatic, social and easygoing. Although you may find yourself in the center of a group, you are best working on your own. You are not a fan of restriction. Freedom is the name of your game. Your job is to trust in yourself and use your imagination freely and fully in everything you do. You are here to develop creative self-expression, emotional sensitivity, joy, and inspired communication. When you are in alignment with your inner three you will be expressive, artistic, creative, communicative, joyful, witty, optimistic, and intelligent. When you are out of alignment, you may be superficial, emotionally volatile, over exaggerated, depressed, self-doubting, inarticulate, fearful, insincere, or inappropriate. You will be most successful when you can move past your self-doubt and develop your creative talents. Your challenge is to avoid becoming too scattered in your creative pursuits and to instead become an expert. Let your inner child out, and seek to find joy in everything you do.

  • Life Path Number

    Your Life Path Number is based on your birthday. To calculate your Life path number, add up all the numbers in your birthday and reduce to a single diget. For example, if your birthday is May 23, 1978, you would add the following numbers: 5+2+3+1+9+7+8=35, 3+5=8. Eight is your life path number.  Click here to read more!