TWO - Your lesson in this life is to help others using your skills as a peacemaker and mediator. Your keyword is cooperation and your goal is to learn patience and to trust in the strength of your intuition and sensitivity. It will literally guide you through life. Two represents the power and strength of the divinefeminine energy. Others may see you as shy or unassuming. You may prefer to be in the background but as a two you represent the power behind the throne. Your job is to bring people and things together in harmony, cooperation and clear communication. You are here to develop love, harmony, balance, cooperation, and diplomacy. When you are in alignment with your inner two, you are sensitive, supportive, detail-oriented, patient, cooperative, diplomatic and highly intuitive. When you are out of alignment, you may be resentful, narrow minded, childish, manipulative, indecisive, self-centered, dependent, and overly sensitive. You will be at your best when you feel needed and when you are respected and valued for your contributions. You thrive when serving the needs of a group. Try not to compare yourself to others, you are learning to define yourself on your own terms. Although you may avoid conflict, your gift is resolving it.

  • Life Path Number

    Your Life Path Number is based on your birthday. To calculate your Life path number, add up all the numbers in your birthday and reduce to a single diget. For example, if your birthday is May 23, 1978, you would add the following numbers: 5+2+3+1+9+7+8=35, 3+5=8. Eight is your life path number.  Click here to read more!

  • Item Details

    Solid brass pendant on a 23" Sterling silver chain.